EVENT TV – Your Company TV Channel Is Ready to Launch

We humorously record your event in sound and vision.

Together with his cameraman, our reporter mingles with the invited guests. With charm and humor, he welcomes your guests at the entrance, reduces the waiting time at the buffet or chats with the smokers on the terrace. In search of impressions and statements, the “TV team” records the most beautiful moments of your event on camera. The best statements and sequences are edited in no time and completed with background music. In the run-up to your event, we will produce individual opening credits in CI. Later in the same evening, all guests watch the premiere of the company “TV channel” on a big screen.

This unusual format creates an individual documentation of your event that becomes lively and vibrant by the performances of your guests. Suitable for gala, customer and employee events.

Realization: all year long
Duration: approx. 2-3 hours
Number: 10-300 persons
Price: from EUR 1950.00 plus 19% VAT

Our partner „Die Kulturmacher“ is your contact for this event support. If you are interested, please contact the agency. We cooperate with the agency so that no extra costs are incurred by you.

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