Cinema, Revue & Varité Theater

Dear Berlin Visitors! Berlin is not only a city, but also a federal state. Accordingly, this city holds ready an incredible variety of services for you. We have put together a selection which not purports to be complete or representative.

We just want to provide a little help and give incentives. For further advice or ticket reservations, please call our colleagues at the reception with help and support! We wish you a pleasant stay in Berlin!

Cinema & Film Theater
This lovingly restored Zoo Palast reminds through architecture, atmosphere and service at the big time movie theater. The New Zoo Palace combines the unique ambience of the major theater with innovative technology and the comfort of modern Premium cinema. Elegance, style and atmosphere of yesterday technology, service and comfort of today.
Astor Film Lounge

The first deluxe movie theater in Germany. “More than just a movie house…”: Starting with doorman, valet parking and welcome drink at the bar. Wardrobe, comfortable easy chairs with adjustable backs, generous spacing, state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment, plus individual service.

Delphi Film Palace

The ‘Delphi Film Palace by the Zoo’ (the add-on moniker seems to matter) is one of the most successful German houses for art movies. Walter Jonigkeit, born in 1907, has been lessee and operator from its beginning. He learned the movie business from scratch in 1925. Naturally, this is where he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Cinema Paris in Maison de France

To bring the best movies to the most beautiful cinemas in Berlin has been our ambition for the past 30 years. The wide range of the city’s movie houses is incomparable in its variety. We see ourselves as promoters of cultural affairs and carefully select from the large number of art-house movies the most interesting, empathetic, entertaining, stimulating, in short, best movies.

Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz

The newly built structure blends smoothly into the panorama of adjacent buildings, notwithstanding the gigantic ‘Cinemaxx” lettering above its doors with narrow rectangular flyover and lateral movie poster installations. Behind a recessed steel and glass front lies the five-floor foyer. The back wall with its yellow neon lighting and counter with red neon lighting form an appealing contrast with the black granite floor covering.

Cinestar Sony Center – Original films

The cinema at the  Potsdamer Platz shows all original films.

Revue Theater / Varieté Theater

is a venue for light entertainment. It features a large hall with seating for 1,895 in an amphitheatre-style setting. It is the world’s largest theater stage. Special attractions are the 2 meter high water pool to be raised from below-stage and holding 140,000 liters, and the skating rink.

Wintergarten Varieté

Wintergarten Berlin:  Music, Variety, Show – entertaining, charming and diversified. This is where the world meets in a unique atmosphere of mirrors, wood, dark red velvet and the legendary starry sky.Let yourself also be seduced in all culinary terms.

Bar jeder Vernunft

Berlin’s classiest address to amuse, bar any reason, serves top-class cabaret and own productions of musicals and operettas visitors.