Berlin Nightlife

Dear Berlin Visitors! Berlin is not only a city, but also a federal state. Accordingly, this city holds ready an incredible variety of services for you. We have put together a selection which not purports to be complete or representative.

We just want to provide a little help and give incentives. For further advice or ticket reservations, please call our colleagues at the reception with help and support! We wish you a pleasant stay in Berlin!

Nachtclub Adagio am Potsdamer Platz

The Adagio beckons you with a medieval setting of floors cobbled together from rough-hewn stone and wood, with the walls and ceiling displaying paintings. The impressive, cathedral-like dome attracts a diversified clientele of cognescenti, affluent tourists and couples.

© 40 Seconds
40 seconds

The 40 seconds is one of Berlin’s most popular clubs. The entrance is at water level on Potsdamer Street. The penthouse on the 8th floor is reached with an elevator ride taking a precise 40 seconds. An expansive rooftop terrace affords a view of Gedächtniskirche past the Victory Column, Tiergarten and the new Central station.

© Quasimodo Music Club

Quasimodo is one of Berlin’s oldest jazz clubs and one of the best-recognized clubs for live music in Europe. It has all the characteristics a genuine club should not be without: a jazz “dive” in its purest form, located underneath the Delphi movie palace and Quasimodo café. The club is within walking distance from the hotel.

© Havanna Club Berlin
Havanna Club

The HAVANNA in Berlin’s Schöneberg district has been in business since 1997. Four dance floors and seven bars stand ready to accommodate late night fun-seekers. The music is eclectic and a broad range of entertainment and live concerts are guarantors for a “sophisticated club experience”.

© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen
Clärchens Ballhaus

Clärchen’s Ballroom is a dance club with restaurant in August in Berlin-Mitte. The ballroom is one of the last bale houses dating from around 1900 in Berlin. During the GDR was both eastern and western Germans known as a meeting place.

Monbijoutheater_Strandbar Mitte2_kleiner_copyright_Bernd Schönberger
Strandbar Mitte
With palm trees, beach chairs and light garlands provides holiday flair on the Spree and invites all visitors to brick oven and cool drinks. With friends dance the beach is also popular because of the evening dancing salsa, tango and cha-cha dance leg is swung under the stars.
Sage Club

The widely known beyond the borders of the city Sage Club is an institution that is not an indispensable part of Berlin’s colorful nightlife. The party is distributed in the Sage Club in three different, strikingly stylish areas and an outdoor area with pool and beautiful chillout area under tarpaulins.

Arena_Badeschiff I
Arena Badeschiff Berlin

The BADESCHIFF claims to be Europe’s most unusual attraction for swimming—a pool floating on the Spree River. Since 2004, the Badeschiff has remained one of the coolest meeting places: swimming pool with open-air bar, concert venue, panoramic view and an ideal hangout for hipsters.