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The Hollywood Media Hotel has a special certificate of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). This certificate is an accredited seal of quality to indicate the allergy-friendly services of the hotel, e.g. in the area of the lobby, restaurant and of course in the rooms.

The second floor of our hotel is a so-called allergy-friendly floor, which means that smoking and pets are not allowed on this floor. Here, the guests find 4 special equipped, allergy-friendly rooms satisfying the strict criteria of the ECARF certificate:

  • individually-adjustable air conditioning
  • tiled floors in the room to reduce dust and mites
  • allergy-friendly, impermeable protective cover for the mattress
  • allergy-friendly bedclothes of pure cotton
  • no houseplants which provoke allergies
  • allergy-friondly cosmetics and body-care products (on demand)

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Because of the specially-equipped, allergy-friendly rooms with blank floors, mite proof covers to mattresses, blankets and pillows and special air-conditioning units in the lobby and restaurant we ensure our guests with allergies a comfortable and inconvenience-free stay. Furthermore, all hotel employees, especially service and kitchen staff, is trained on the special needs of people with allergies.

Our kitchen and restaurant will be prepared for the special and individual needs and wishes of guests with allergies (please inform us about your allergies before your arrival). Of course, you will find muesli and bread without nuts and almonds on our breakfast buffet.

  • our allergy-friendly floor is also a non-smoking floor
  • on our allergy-friendly floor we do not accept pets

Further information regarding the equipment of our hotel rooms, please find here.


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allergy-friendly room
allergy-friendly room