Kurfürstendamm—Berlin’s tradition-rich, magnificent mile

Kurfürstendamm is one of the best-known avenues to see and be seen. On it, you’ll find an abundance of shopping in all its forms, be it retail, boutiques or department stores. A number of cafés and restaurants are welcome stops to rest your tired feet while admiring the stunning buildings erected around the turn of the 18th century.


Kaufhaus des Westens is the largest and likely most spectacular department store on the continent. You can readily acquaint yourself with the latest in Paris couture or check out the delicatessen area to sample oysters, lobster or a glass of champagne.

friedrichstraeFriedrich Street

It’s a brief hop by S train from the hotel to this destination. It used to be a border crossing during Berlin’s partition. Today, it represents one of the most popular shopping streets in Berlin. The Lafayette department store and the Friedrichstadt passages are located here.

hackescher_markt_nachtHackescher Market

Another shopping mall. International and sophisticated fashion labels have cast roots here and young designer boutiques abound. A detour into the side streets is worth its while to witness the up and coming designer generation at work.

schlossstrasseSchloß Street

is the main shopping area for the Steglitz district. With its 137,000 sq.m. of  floor  space, it represents Berlin’s second largest retail outlet after City West and is a hub for the southwestern part of the city.

potsdamer_platzPotsdamer Square

During the nineteen-nineties, the location morphed into “Europe’s largest construction site”. From as “Info box” designated observation container across on Leipziger Square, natives and tourists could follow the progress of construction work, including the shopping center.