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Musicals in Berlin
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SISTER ACT – The Muscial at Stage Theater des Westens

From 14 October 2016, the musical “Sister Act” takes place in the Stage Theater des Westens in Berlin.

Experience a charming, funny and at the same time touching story in an energetic musical. SISTER ACT tells the story of the talented nightclub singer Deloris van Cartier who dreams of a career on the stage. When she accidentally witnesses a murder, she is forced to hide in a convent just before the gangsters.

A charming and witty, yet touching story about true friendship and unexpected opportunities in life. A stirring musical experience that you must-see. 10.11.2011
Theater des Westens Berlin "TANZ DER VAMPIRE", Musical von Michael Kunze mit Musik von Jim Steinmann, Musikalische Leitung: Christoph Boenecker, Inszenierung: Roman Polanski, Choreographie: Dennis Callahan, Buehne: Wiliam Dudley, Kostueme: Sue Blane, Premiere der Wiederaufnahme am 14.11.2011. Szene mit Drew Sarich (als Graf von Krolock) und Amelie Dobler (als Sarah). //
Theater des Westens Berlin 'DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES', musical with book and lyrics by Michael Kunze and music by Jim Steinmann, conducted by Christoph Boenecker, directed by Roman Polanski, choreography Dennis Callahan, stage design Wiliam Dudley, costumes design Sue Blane, opening November 14, 2011. Scene with Drew Sarich (as Graf von Krolock) and Amelie Dobler (as Sarah).
Dance of the Vampires – The Musical at Stage Theater des Westens

After nearly 3year break one of the most successful German-language musical “Tanz der Vampire” is back to Berlin from 03rd May 25th September 2016.

Looking for vampires of quirky researcher Professor Abronsius the end of his journey comes in the middle of Transylvania dangerously close. His young assistant Alfred falls in love with the innkeeper’s daughter Sarah but also the sinister Count of Krolock wants to possess the beauty and attracts them to his castle. Humorous and tells terrific staged unfolds in this great musical classic an eerily beautiful story that will guarantee you a pleasant shiver will hunt down your spine!

Hinterm Horizont – Udo Lindenberg – Theater at Potsdamer Platz

Udo Lindenberg is one of the most colorful, most popular and most creative personalities of our country. His life story is as impressive as crazy that they would provide enough material for several musicals same

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Blue Man Group – at Bluemax Theater

The new Blue Man Group in Berlin with even more fun, more action and simply MORE WOW. They are curious, energetic and fit into any category with its extraordinary mix of rocking concert atmosphere, first-class comedy and incredible technical effects inspired the three blue men of BLUE MAN GROUP worldwide more than 25 million viewers.

Theater in Berlin
Hausdetails, Komödie am Kurfürstendamm, Berlin
Theater and Comedy at Kurfürstendamm

In our immediate vicinity can be found the Theater and Comedy at ‘Kudamm’. The constantly changing program features a cross-section of well-known actors and is worth a visit any evening. Its future hangs in the balance, with a Senate decision still outstanding.

German Theater

The German Theater (DT) in Berlin was inaugurated as Friedrich Wilhelm Theater in 1850, specializing in light entertainment fare. During the 20th century it had mostly classic stage plays on its schedule.

Chamäleon Theater_Original_kleiner
Chamäleon Theater

Located in the heart of Berlin is the heartbeat of contemporary circus, the Chameleon Theatre. Acrobatics, music, dance, comedy and drama form in one of the most beautiful theater of the city a harmonious whole without losing sight but missing corners and edges.

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Berlin Ensemble

is one of the most renowned stages in Berlin and gained fame with performances of Bertolt Brecht’s works, its founder. It is considered one of the leading, German-language stages. Since 1954, the Theater at Schiffbauerdamm, middle district, is the home of the Berlin Ensemble.

Concert halls
Philharmonie_Original_via Viistberlin
Berlin Philharmonic

The Berlin Philharmonic’s concert hall at Gendarmenmarkt counts among the most important in Berlin and is home to the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra. Seating arrangements by way of the surrounding, irregularly rising box landings afford equally unobstructed views of the center stage.

Mitten drin Konzerthaus 2014 Photo: Marco Borggreve
Concert House Berlin

Weber’s “Freischütz” had its legendary first performance here, Paganini’s and Liszt’s concert appearances met with enthusiastic applause, Wagner conducted his “Flying Dutchman”, and Beethoven’s Ninth had its original Berlin performance here. It was built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel between 1818 and 1821.

Schiller Theater

The Schiller Theater is a Berlin auditorium. During the 1920s and 1930s, it served as adjunct to the Prussian State Theater Berlin. The building is leased out as performance and event location; as of autumn 2010, it will serve as back-up stage for the State Opera Unter den Linden.