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Guided Tours in Berlin

Tired of old-fashioned Sightseeing? Join a Guided Tour and do some Sight-Jogging or discover Berlin by Segway. For a real Berlin-Experience try a Trabi-Ralley. If you feel realy active, a Bike Tour alongside the Berlin Wall might just be the thing to do.


Creative Ku’damm. Now and then

... From the stars of the 1920s to contemporary art, fashion and architecture – a cultural-historical walk: upper class grand buildings and avantgarde buildings, places with Italian flair and many cafés, antiques shop and fashion labels... Discover the charming West in a new light!is an easy walk from the hotel.

gedaechtniskirche_120_120Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

... is an easy walk from the hotel. The church was built by F. Schwechten between 1891–1895 in neo-Roman style. After being destroyed by bombs in World War II, it is preserved as a somber edifice reminding us of the horrors of war. The Hollywood Media Hotel is its sponsor.

schloss_charlottenburg_120_120Charlottenburg Castle

Berlin’s largest castle and a masterpiece of barock architecture, it is surrounded by a magnificent garden. Take some time out to discover this castle, named after the extraordinary queen Sophie Charlotte. You’ll go on a fascinating journey, traversing three centuries at the very place where history was made.


siegessaeuleThe Victory Column

... is a national edifice commemorating the “Unification Wars”. Following the victorious wars against Austria and France, it was crowned with the Golden Victoria. In street lingo, she is known as “Golden Eliza” (Goldelse). The observation platform affords a beautiful view of downtown.

potsdamer_platz_120_120Potsdamer Square

... has a long history. Before the World War II, when situated in front of the intercontinental railway station of the same name and its many intersecting trolley and bus lines, it was one of the busiest squares in Europe. It also featured Europe’s first traffic lights.

checkpoint_charlieCheckpoint Charlie

... used to be the notorious border crossing through the Berlin wall between 1961 and 1990. It connected the Russian and American sectors. The history of “Checkpoint Charlie” is chronicled in the “House at Checkpoint Charlie”.

Gedenksttte_berliner_mauer_120_120“Berlin Wall” Memorial the central location of remembrance commemorating Germany’s partition, located in Bernauer Street in the city’s center. It preserves a symbolic stretch of the wall, with all its surrounding death strip obstacles to convey a realistic impression of the fortification’s forbidding presence at the end of the 1980s. Photo: P. Leibing, Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz


... is an architectural gem and considered one of Europe’s most attractive squares. The French Cathedral, the German Cathedral and the Concert Hall combine to make it a vista of architectural beauty and harmony.

LuftbildMuseumsinselMuseum Island

Berlin’s Museum Island is part of the Unesco’s cultural heritage. It is the core of Berlin’s vast array of museums and, as one of the foremost museum complexes in the world, serves as a magnet for tourists from all over.

denkmal_f_ermord_judenMemorial for Europe’s murdered Jews

The Holocaust memorial, as it is commonly called, mourns the millions of Jews murdered during the Nazis’ reign of terror. The structure was erected between 2003 and spring 2005 on 19,000 sq.m. of space in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate.

east_side_galleryEast Side Gallery

is the world’s longest mural and revisits German reunification. View graffiti and murals stemming from the time around the early 1990s that were officially preserved as historic landmarks on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the wall’s fall.

alexanderplatzAlexander Square

The name was given in honor of the 1805 visit of czar Alexander. The square gradually lost its character as a trading place. Today it holds the TV tower, the global clock, the Fountain Celebrating all Nation’s Universal Friendship, and the popular shopping center ALEXA.

brandenburger_torBrandenburg Gate

Is the city’s preeminent landmark. Together with being a national symbol, it evokes many historic events woven not only into Berlin’s, but Germany’s and Europe’s past as well, especially relating to the 20th century. The Brandenburg Gate represented the former demarcation line between East and West Berlin.

unter_den_lindenUnter den Linden

is Berlin’s showcase, central thoroughfare. It runs from Pariser Square at the Brandenburg gate’s east end for about a mile eastward to Schlossbrücke and forms a link to Museum Island and the eastern part of downtown with its hard-to-miss TV tower.



Experience a unique combination of sightseeing and multimedia on a Videobustour!

Trabbi_SafariTrabi Safari

With this unique sightseeing offer in Germany you you can combine unsurpassed driving feeling and nostalgic sightseeing with the real atmosphere of the past "East".


The city explorations of Zeitreisen (time travel) are very special discoveries. They tell the story of the city and take a look behind the scenes.

DrachenbootDragonboats Berlin

The Berlin Dragaonboat Company e.V. creates individual offers, from paddle tours and tours with dragon boats to professional sprint regattas and major events together with a culinary and musical social program.

Stern_und_Kreisschiffahrt Stern und Kreisschifffahrt

Leave the hustle of Berlin’s busy streets behind and enjoy the most beautiful view of the city as you cruise along riverbanks of Havel and Spree and picturesque lakes.