Berlin Tips

Dear Berlin Visitors! Berlin is not only a city, but also a federal state. Accordingly, this city holds ready an incredible variety of services for you. We have put together a selection which not purport to be complete or representative.

We just want to provide a little help and give incentives. For further advice or ticket reservations, please call our colleagues at the reception with help and support! We wish you a pleasant stay in Berlin!

Brandenburger Tor

Berlin offers a huge selection of opportunities to explore the city. In addition to classic offerings such as bus and steamer cruises can also go by bike, Segway or walk on guided tours themes to explore. We have only listed a few examples.

Bodemuseum Berlin

More than 175 museums in Berlin show history, art and knowledge. World-famous art treasures such as the bust of Queen Nefertiti, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Altar in the Pergamon Museum, the GDR Museum or the Currywurst Museum are popular destinations.

Theater des Westens
theaters, musicals, concerts

Berlin is home to about 70 theatre. Whether you want the classical or avant-garde variant prefer if you prefer to go out in fancy robes or a casual - here you will find - in Berlin everything is possible!

Zoopalast Berlin

Equal in immediate vicinity are some of the most beautiful, best, most comfortable and oldest cinema‘s Berlin. A true paradise for filmmakers and film lovers. We have compiled a selection for you.

Naturkundemuseum Berlin I Natural History Museum © Carola Radke
family & Co

What did you want your kids ever want to show or enjoy as a family - here you will find it! Many museums, art and cultural centre’s have adapted to the needs of families. We have you listed a selection.

Nachtclub Adagio am Potsdamer Platz

Berlin‘s nightlife is legendary across national borders. With its countless clubs in the hip districts that serve every musical preference on the ultimate level, you can turn night into day.